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A group book reviews blog.
Book Heads

Book Heads is a books community started by Todd, Daphne, and Karen, three avid readers who together enjoy a variety of genres and styles. We love reading and writing about books, and we wanted to create a community where we could write about the books we read and help spread a love of reading.

Part of what made Book Heads such a fun community during its first few months is the wide variety of books being reviewed. We liked different genres, and we read very different things. With many different types of books being reviewed, surely a follower could find a book reviewed here that he or she would be interested in. It was after realizing that that we knew we were on to something. We decided to expand our ranks and seek out a Book Head for each literary genre. We knew it would bring more variety to the community, and most importantly, more activity.

There are currently seven Book Head Positions:

Fantasy Book Head - Masao
Historical Fiction Book Head - Alex
Horror Book Head - Todd
Literary Fiction Book Head - Cassie
Mystery Book Head - Bryan
Science Fiction Book Head - Karen
Young Adult Book Head - Daphne

If you'd like to become a Book Head, head on over to the application post here.

Whether you want to review books or not, we hope you enjoy our reviews and book-related posts. Feel free to watch the community, comment on reviews, and take part in discussions. Who knows? You might even learn of some books that could interest you.

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